If we are more careful, consumers will be more at ease!

        Current market distribution: China, Japan and Southeast Asia, America, Australia, Europe, Middle East.

        Talent Concept

        The country is based on talent, and the enterprise is based on talent. The development of an enterprise requires strong human resources to ensure it. Human-oriented management is the premise of the development of the Galaxy. The Galaxy "sees quality, emphasizes ability, and seeks practical results" for talents. As one of the most important strategic resources of Galaxy, human resources focus on the improvement of talent quality and potential development. Many channels have become the cradle of talent training and business improvement.

        At the same time, it focuses on creating four backup talent teams of "technical, management, marketing, and production". Through the rational and orderly flow of human resources, continuously optimize the structure of the workforce to fully meet the company's near-, medium-, and long-term strategic development needs; the company encourages advanced and spurring backwards by establishing a scientific performance evaluation and reward and punishment mechanism, and will be loyal in batches. , Willing, capable, and capable people are promoted to suitable positions, providing strong talent protection and intellectual support for the realization of strategic goals, and providing talents with greater room for talent while the company is developing rapidly. As a manufacturer of green food, a participant in health, and an advocate of scientific life, we are striving to build a team of excellent talents with many high-quality products and technical resources, and relying on the never-ending spirit of innovation. Zhishi joined Galaxy Foods.

        (Personnel Department: Tel: 0571-82613468 Email: hr001@cnzsrf.com)

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