Mainly engaged in processing and trading of frozen fruits and vegetables, prepared foods, fresh vegetables; import and export of various types of food

        Current market distribution: China, Japan and Southeast Asia, America, Australia, Europe, Middle East.
        Base Management

        All raw materials of the company come from its own base and contract base,at present, the company has a base area of 50,000 mu, which guarantees the safety and freshness of raw materials from the source, and all raw materials and products can be traced back.

        The company adopts the Company + Base management model is becoming more and more perfect, each base is equipped with strong professional knowledge and experienced resident staff, on-site guidance to the personnel engaged in planting to ensure that the products being planted are under monitoring.

        According to the standard requirements of China and importing countries, the company has formulated a list of various allowed pesticides based on the actual situation of the base, and distributed it to each base, and regularly organized inspections to ensure the safety of agricultural products.